I Graduated!


Well truthfully… I graduated in May of this year but the actual graduation ceremony, on the other hand, was last Thursday.

It was a very busy day starting at 6:45am, an unwelcome early start to Dan and I on our day off! I think the thing I was most excited for was collecting my gown because it was in the colours of Gryffindor, and well… who doesn’t love a bit of Harry Potter? Though I did only think until after I had taken it back that I should have put my scarf on and held my wand whilst posing for a picture! Also seeing how proud my family were of me and how proud Dan was of me was the thing I valued most of the day because I have never really felt that I had done anyone proud throughout my life! The day was a mixture of tiredness, nerves, laughter, happiness, and pride, and although I originally hesitated even getting my tickets and going, I am SO glad I did! After all, it is a once in a lifetime thing. A day to be remembered.





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