“People judge me because I’m pretty” – An unlikely post

September 4th saw cosmopolitan publish an article written by blogger Felicia Czochanski.

Though I am skeptical as to the aim of publishing the article (there has been speculation whether it is genuine or a social experiment because it’s kinda odd that cosmo would publish something so… self-absorbed and seemingly ignorant to the real struggles around her).

Now I am not saying that “pretty” people can’t have struggles. I get cat called a lot(I don’t know why, beer goggles?) and sometimes it is creepy. But that’s the least of my worries and I certainly don’t need a publish an article on it. That is where I think she went wrong.

It seems(between the lines) the main aim was to highlight the attitudes of [some]men toward women were increasingly unacceptable. Which she kind of got the point across, but the whole thing just turned into something else. A self-indulged story of her being frustrated about being called a “babe” rather than being acknowledged for her achievements. Does she expect every person who sees her for a fleeting moment to know her life story? It seems so.

One of the more humorous thing about the article is the mention of her bra size to which people commented “When you want to be taken seriously and thought of as more than just pretty, always mention your bra size. That’ll show ’em!”.

Undoubtedly, making ignorant comments such as, “Imagine how it feels to have heads turn and all eyes on you when you are simply trying to get to where you need to be” have caused the most amount of backlash. Because, well, seemingly, this is the worst thing that causes people to stare and comment on your appearance… right?

It’s kind of delusional.

I’m sure that any person thinking rationally would agree that being called pretty is much less debilitating than being called ugly, or a freak.

The next bit is the best part…

I am sure that, as this woman is “demanding to be respected”, many have gone onto her Twitter, Instagram or blog to see if she deserves the respect she wants. Then they’re probably sure to come across this.

Apparently to show your favourite lipstick you need your cleavage in the shot… (what was that? You want respect?)


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