So as you may have heard, Shia Labeouf is spending 72 hours doing a film marathon…

of his own movies…

while being filmed.


It may sound pretty weird because why would anyone in the right mind want to watch someone watching themselves? Well it seems a lot of people actually, including myself.

At first I was skeptical, and I still find myself thinking “why am I even doing this?. It literally is just him sitting there, watching his own movies, while being filmed. No sound. Just him and a camera. But there’s something beautiful about it… Maybe it’s because it’s weirdly satisfying seeing someone appreciate and actually enjoy their own work. Especially a “movie star”. I mean it’s not everyday you get to see this.

Evidently, when actors are involved in big budget films that reach a wide audience, they are confined and, more often than not, defined by the stereotypical view of the movie star cliché. It seems that people think that the actors/artists have suddenly become superhuman. In reality, he’s just a man doing his [extraordinary] job.

I first went on just to see what it actually was about, and I didn’t stay on for long but soon found myself checking up every now and then. The more I went on the longer I stayed and I have currently been watching for the last hour and a half. I found myself really caught up in the viewing, much more than I first anticipated. I mean, I’m even empathising with him. Every time he laughs, I smile. I don’t know what at because I can’t hear anything, or see anything other than him.

In between films he goes out to the lobby, gets some popcorn and a drink, and sits back down… and.. obviously being a well known actor he attracts attention from the audience with people chatting to him and asking for the odd selfie now and then. At slb3the beginning of every new film the audience switches in and out giving most people a chance to experience it, and he politely stands up letting people past him. It is also available online meaning that even people like me, from England, can get a look in. I am unaware of the true purpose of this project, but to me, it’s just a guy taking time out to appreciate his own hard work.

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you give the live stream a visit to watch this unusually captivating piece of work.


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