The best scran in Sheffield.

So I recently came across an article in the Sheffield star claiming what the top ten comfort food places are in Sheffield. Obviously it is based on opinion though I couldn't help but notice that there were a few gooduns, and probably the best, missing! This is where I come in to save the day... Continue Reading →


The struggle

Graduation is one of the best days of your life. Or so it's meant to be... but to be honest my graduation was bittersweet. Being in a unfavorable position in my personal life I had become consumed by a constant battle with depression and anxiety, which ultimately led to me becoming a recluse. I had... Continue Reading →


So as you may have heard, Shia Labeouf is spending 72 hours doing a film marathon... of his own movies... while being filmed. It may sound pretty weird because why would anyone in the right mind want to watch someone watching themselves? Well it seems a lot of people actually, including myself. At first I... Continue Reading →

When things get a little rough…

This year so far has probably been one of the most difficult in my life. I have been brought to my knees by numerous things that life just keeps throwing at me, however, I think the most difficult thing is seeing the ones I love suffer. I am lucky, in the sense that I have... Continue Reading →

The end.

So. It appears that amongst all of the preparation and excitement for christmas, something was waiting. Unexpected, even to myself. I do not know if the right choice was made. I still don't know. From the moment we met(after the first time that we both could remember) we were so comfortable, so quick. I have... Continue Reading →

A toothy review

So... Been thinking about some new beauty products and invested in them! This is a quick review of one! I have been both a disliker and liker of my teeth ever since I was about 16. I like them because they are naturally straight but they are/were very yellow. I read raving reviews about the... Continue Reading →

I Graduated!

Well truthfully... I graduated in May of this year but the actual graduation ceremony, on the other hand, was last Thursday. It was a very busy day starting at 6:45am, an unwelcome early start to Dan and I on our day off! I think the thing I was most excited for was collecting my gown... Continue Reading →

Up on the ridge

An occasional hike is needed, and when you live so close to the peak district there are no excuses! I have done this walk many times but my boyfriend is new to the whole, walking up big hills thing. It's an easy walk which almost anyone could do, although it does take its toll on... Continue Reading →

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